Coffee bar

In the ground floor of our hotel you can found a coffee shop, wich guards excellently the historical atmosphere of the small town with his antique, Tonett and Gründerzeit furniture and with the in he glass case founded antiquities. The Adler coffee shop recalls the atmosphere to mind of the peacetime, patinated Coffee shops, it can offer the visitors magical instants, while the guests can read a paper by coffee-drinking or can pursue a trade talking. The meal- and drinkselection, the home-made cakes, the Szamos-Marzipan sweets, the coffee specialities and the generous hospitality contributed to becoming the Adler Coffee shop a popular meeting point of the friendly society and locality of the bustling social life.

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday: 08-20 o’clock

Sunday: 08-14 o’clock

( We are closed 24-26 December)

⚲ 2040 Budaörs, Budapesti út 2. • ☏ +3623428528 • ✉